– What is a 3D Virtual Tour ?

With 3D virtual tour prospective buyers can take a tour of your property anytime, from anywhere.  The scan is a three-dimensional camera system you can use to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. Our designers use this tool to capture imagery, collect measurements and process data to create, edit and share a 3D rendering of your property.

-Why is it called interactive tour?

Our 3D Virtual Tour is not just a sequence of 360 degree  photos of the property. It is a dynamic tour where users are able to control where they want to navigate and what and how they want to see. We can also embed different types of information such as text, links, pictures and even videos into your tour.

– What area do you cover?

We are located in NorthEast Scotland however we are always ready to travel  and cover the entire United Kingdom.

The virtual tour can be seen anywhere one can open a link. You can use it on your social media platforms, embed it to your website, add it to property listing or use it for marketing and advertisement. For commercial properties and businesses we can also upload your virtual tour to Google Street View.

– Are the 3D Virtual Tours viewable on mobile devices, tablets and VR?

Yes. Virtual tours compatible for viewing on any device, be it desktop, tablet, mobile or VR headset.

– How long my tour is hosted online?

3D Virtual Tour require an enormous amount of data and bandwidth, which is why they are stored in cloud on special high speed servers. We provide complimentary hosting of your tour for up to 12 months free of charge. After that you have an option of extending it for a small fee of £60pa. Your tour can be hosted for indefinite period of time and can removed at anytime you wish.

– How long does it take to shoot a property?

The average time spent on-site capturing for a typical property is approximately 2 hours, we process back at our office.

– How do i prepare my property for virtual tour photography?

De-clutter as much as possible. Put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes etc. Hide away everything that you don’t want to be in your virtual tour. Remove from view personally identifiable information or extremely valuable objects. Switch on all the lights and have all the internal doors ajar.

– How long does it take to receive my tour?

You should expect to receive your tour within 48 hours from the day of shooting for average size home. However, it may be longer for a larger or custom  projects. We will do our best to deliver it to you as soon as possible.

– How do you send a virtual tour to me?

When your tour is ready, we email you a URL link to the virtual tour as well as code for embedding it to your website. You will also receive a link where you can download all images and files.

– What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay for our service in form of cash, bank transfer, cheque or through PayPal.  Payment in advance please.