Privacy Policy

Personal information

HOUSEtoHOME does not collect personal information about you if you simply access its website and search or browse.  It does collect personal information when you register to become a  subscriber.  Additionally it collects personal information if you use the contact forms from our website, if you use the ‘Contact Agent’ facility for a specific property, or if you use the facility to share a property with an acquaintance. At HOUSEtoHOME we take privacy very seriously, and this policy sets out details of the personal information we collect, and the ways in which we may use that information.

What information we collect

We collect only the personal information which you choose to give us. Some facilities that we offer will work satisfactorily with you giving us no more than your email address.  Others are possible only if we also have a name and address or in some cases a telephone number.  If you have reservations about giving any personal information you do not need to give it – though this may limit the facilities that you can access.

How we use personal information

We may use personal information given by registered users of HOUSEtoHOME for the following purposes:

  • Sending you information that you have requested, such as properties coming on the market meeting search criteria that you have set
  • Checking the correct operation of user registration and email systems
  • Informing you of any service-related changes which may affect your use of the service, or of any new features or functionality
  • Contacting you to ask for your help in research or surveys to improve our services to you
  • Analysing usage with a view to enhancing the services offered and improving the on-line experience
  • When necessary, as mentioned below, passing information to third parties.

We will not use any contact details or other personal information collected for purposes of any general mailing list (postal or electronic).

Passing details to Third Parties

We will not disclose the information we receive from you to unconnected third parties and will not use it for purposes of any general mailing list (postal or electronic) of our own. Insofar as you have authorised it, we may disclose your personal details to agents or solicitors who have submitted the particulars of a property which you have searched for.  For example if you use the ‘Contact Agent’ facility to ask to arrange a viewing we will pass your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to them automatically.

We expect agents and solicitors who submit property particulars to us to treat all personal information they receive from us responsibly, and in accordance with data protection legislation.  However, we have no direct control over this.  If you believe you are on a mailing list (postal or electronic) of a solicitor who handled a property that you enquired about through HOUSEtoHOME and do not want this to continue then you should contact that solicitor direct.

Third party websites

Our privacy policy inevitably cannot apply to third party sites that you may access from our website. We offer links to other sites which we hope will be of interest, but we make no representations whatsoever about any other website which you may access.  We check from time to time that the links which we give remain valid, but they can of course change. We ensure that our website cannot pass on viruses or other elements which may damage your PC or the data carried on it, but we cannot guarantee the soundness of websites to which we offer links, or of other websites accessed from them.  Nor does our offering a link to a particular website imply any endorsement by HOUSEtoHOME of the accuracy of the information given there or any onward links.  If on visiting a linked site you are invited to give personal information, then as the handling of the information that you may give will not be covered by our privacy policy it may be in your interests to check the privacy policy of the operator of the linked site.

Updating and amending your personal information

As a registered user, you control the accuracy of your personal information. If, at any time, you wish to verify, update or amend the personal information you have given to HOUSEtoHOME, you can do so on-line by logging in and clicking on the  link and changing what needs to be changed.  You can also Disable your account (which will put it into suspense without deleting the personal information held).  If you wish the personal information held about you in relation to HOUSEtoHOME to be completely removed by us, we will do that on receipt at the Centre of a specific request to this effect.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We recognise the importance of privacy to our users, and will keep this policy under review. Any changes made from time to time will be posted on our web site.  In addition, if the change allows the Centre more use or distribution of personal data, existing HOUSEtoHOME users will also be notified by email in sufficient time that they can delete any or all of their personal details before the change comes into effect.


By disclosing your personal information to us, or by continuing as a user after registering with HOUSEtoHOME you indicate your consent to the collection, storage, processing and use of your personal information by HOUSEtoHOME as laid out in this privacy policy.

Comments and Questions

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.