Technology : drones and roof surveys

We use technology to help you sell your house and find your home! Using DRONES we can provide roof surveys (exterior and interior) as well as thermal imaging.

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Floor plans

Did you know we can create floor plans automatically from the scan? They provide room sizes and gross floor space.

While sellers are wowed by the immersive virtual tour, they still expect to use traditional marketing methods like floor plans. Buyers (and especially new homeowners) have come to depend on floor plans to visualise the space. Floor plans are also great for offline use.

Schematic Floor Plans add to your marketing portfolio, create a complete listing presentation, acquire new sellers, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to a sale!

Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality. Produced in both .png .svg and .pdf formats.The default size for the PNG files is 2730 width x 2048 height in pixels.